UTERN’s mandate to fund student-run environmental projects at U of T has over the years built up a long and windy trail of events. Here you’ll find a list of minor events as well as dedicated pages to some of our more extravagant activities.

We’ve put our sponsored activities into categories in the hope that you’ll be more likely to read about them. This is just a random selection – check out the category websites for full details!

UTERN’s Environment Week

UTERN sponsors a week of events every fall designed to raise awareness and spread information about the environmental issues that are often misunderstood yet often so urgent.

Projects we’ve sponsored:

Blue Sky Solar Racing
UTM Campus Agriculture
Bike Chain
Toronto Sustainable Food Cooperative

Conferences we’ve sponsored:

UTERN has provided critical funding for a number of student-organized conferences at U of T, including the University of Toronto China Conference (2006) aiming to promote understanding of the environmental challenges in modern China, the Real Dirt on Food conference to create discussion and understanding on food sustainability, the Ontario Sustainable Campuses conference at Lakehead University to educate students on running sustainable initiatives on campus, and more:

  • Mining Injustice Conference: Resistance 2012 (May 5 and May 6)
  • Rotman Commerce Corporate Social Responsibility Conference (CSR) event on February 3rd 2012
  • Sierra Youth Coalition
  • PowerShift 2012 Conference
  • UNDP
  • Sustainable Engineers Association (SEA) Sustainability Conference

Events we’ve sponsored:

UTERN provides partial funding for a number of events. Student-run groups can apply to us with assistance in covering material costs, rental fees or other expenses. Some of the more recent events we’ve helped off the ground are:

And tons more. If your event doesn’t sound like these, don’t be shy, either apply or contact us to make sure it’s a good idea!

We’re happy to help you along your personal environmental needs. Bad ideas include:

Good ideas include traveling to conferences, traveling for research or requesting funding for personal environmental events. Check out the real list by following the list above or by visiting our Funding History page to get some ideas of the projects UTERN has funded.