The Environment Working Group (EWG)

EWG meetings are hosted by UTERN’s Internal Executive Liaison approximately once a month during the academic year. These meetings provide a way for students involved in environment-related clubs or initiatives to connect with UTERN and learn about our services. They also provide the opportunity for student leaders to network with other in the U of T environmental community and learn from each other.

Representatives from environment groups at U of T, and any other students interested in building the environmental network are welcome to attend the meetings. Past attendees have included members from Dig In!, Green Chemistry, Harvest Noon, UTEA, and many more!

For more information or to receive updates on the EWG, email our Internal Liaison at utern.toronto@gmail.com

Meeting Minutes for 2015-2016:

October 15, 2015 EWG Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for 2014-2015:

January 15, 2015 EWG Meeting Minutes

November 27, 2014 EWG Meeting Minutes

October 23, 2014 EWG Meeting Minutes

Previous Meeting Minutes:

March 26, 2014 EWG Meeting Minutes

February 28, 2014 EWG Meeting Minutes

January 29, 2014 EWG Meeting Minutes

November 29, 2013 EWG Meeting Minutes

October 31, 2013 EWG Meeting Minutes

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