EcoFest 2017 is a two week long environmental and sustainability awareness campaign happening from March 6th to 17th organized by UTERN. During those two weeks, we will be featuring and promoting environmental events by different clubs and groups on campus as well as holding our own events. Events range from movie screenings, clubs fair, bike workshops and lectures.

YOU the students are invited to participate in EcoFest! If you have an idea for an event, workshop – any event with an environmental theme, UTERN can help fund your idea.If you are apart of a sustainable/environmental group on campus and you are interested in participating in this year’s EcoFest please fill out this form as soon as possible!

Need help fleshing out an idea? and for help.

Our goal this year, is to involve and educate as many students throughout the university community, even those that aren’t environmental enthusiasts, in EcoFest 2017! We look forward to showcasing all that the University of Toronto Environmentalists have to offer!

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