COP21 Student Delegation Presentation

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4:10 p.m., WED JANUARY 13, 2016

Room ES 149(basement), Earth Sciences Building, 5 Bancroft Avenue


Report from Paris: U of T Student Delegates Discuss Their Experiences at the COP21 Climate Conference


Stephen Scharper, Associate Professor, Anthropology, U of T Mississauga; and School of the Environment

Christelle Broux, 4th year undergraduate doing majors in Environment & Science, and Physical & Environmental Geography, and a minor in Environmental Studies

Sophie Guilbault, PhD student in Urban Planning

Larissa Parker, 4th year undergraduate doing majors in Environmental Studies, and Ethics, Society & the Law; and a minor in Political Science

Keven Roy, PhD student in Physics

Alissa Saieva, 1st year JD law student

Alice Zhu, 3rd year undergraduate doing a specialist in Environmental Chemistry


DESCRIPTION: The U of T student delegates to the COP21 climate change conference in Paris in December, 2015, as well as delegate Professor Stephen Scharper, will discuss their experience and analysis of COP21 – what was accomplished and what still needs to be addressed. The outcome from COP21 is regarded as crucial in addressing urgent climate change issues, particularly in light of the failure of COP16 in Copenhagen, in 2009, to do so.

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