We are thrilled to present our new executive team for the 2018-2019 year! The UTERN team works to support environmental projects & initiatives within The University of Toronto by providing funding for students by students to promote campus-wide environmental praxis and sustainability. To contact the team, please email: utern.toronto@gmail.com.

President – Petrelë François

Hello there! I’m currently a 4th year student enrolled in the School of the Environment. This is the second year that I’ve been a part of the UTERN team and its been nothing short of awesome! During my time here, I’ve had the opportunity to get involved, find my niche and support on-going efforts to facilitate the expansion of sustainability praxis and environmental awareness across campus. I am very excited to continue serving in my role as President and partnering with various clubs to build a more environmentally progressive U of T.

Treasurer – Ruby Tang

Treasurer (Work-Study) – Lynda Chen

Hello, I’m Lynda and currently a third-year Rotman Commerce student specializing in Finance and Economics. I chose to join the UTERN team because I am interested in expanding my interests beyond my field of study and contributing to sustainable environmental initiatives.

Project Manager – Yi Fan Yin-Cheng

Hiya! I’m a fourth year student double majoring in Equity Studies and Environmental Studies. I decided to get involved with UTERN because I want to support and help environmental initiatives on campus succeed. I’ve just spent the last two years living and working abroad, so I’m excited to be back and involved again! In my spare time, I like to climb, hike, go on walks with my partner, and have meaningful conversations with friends. Plus, I’m always on the hunt for good food at an affordable price. I look forward to helping you as the UTERN Projects Manager this year.

Executive Secretary – Vanessa Rocha

My name is Vanessa Rocha, I am currently a third-year student double majoring in Forestry Biomaterials and Environmental Science with a minor in Environmental Biology. I was born in Ecuador, and I consider myself as a compassionate supporter of the environment. I look forward to helping maintain the green community at UTERN and UofT.

Internal Executive Liaison – Ana Garza

External Executive Liaison (Work-Study) – Ciman Araleh

Hi, my name is Ciman Araleh and I am the executive External Liaison for UTERN this academic year. As external liaison, my priority is to promote UTERN objectives, events and available resources across campus. I am in my third year majoring in International relations with minors in history and political science. Joining UTERN provided the opportunity to further develop my skills in external relations, as well as be part of an organization that focuses on uplifting and supporting other student groups for the important collective goal of environmental sustainability.

Outreach Coordinator (Work-Study) – Dina Safirini

Environment Week Coordinator (Work-Study) – Zhihong (Kate) Yin 

Hi, My name is Kate and I am majoring in Mathematical Applications in Economics and Finance. My awareness and concerns about environmental issues led me to UTERN. As part of the team, I can contribute to efforts that seek to protect the environment and gain insightful perspectives that enrich my understanding of environmental practices. As an added bonus, I get to meet new people!

Director of Technology (Work-Study) – Zain Kazmi

UTM Representative – TBD

UTSC Representative – TBD

Graduate Student Representative – TBD

UTERN Contact Information

MAILING ADDRESS: 33 Willcocks Street, UTERN mailbox 1016V

FIND US AT: Earth Sciences building, 5 Bancroft Ave. ROOM 1042A

EMAIL US: utern.toronto@gmail.com

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