We are thrilled to present our new executive team for the 2018-2019 year! The UTERN team works to support environmental projects & initiatives within The University of Toronto by providing funding for students by students to promote campus-wide environmental praxis and sustainability.

UTERN hosts general elections near the end of the spring every academic year. For any executive positions that remain available, a By-election is held at the start of the Fall semester.

Interested in running? Follow us on our social media and Events pages for updates!

President – Yi Fan Yin-Cheng

Treasurer – TBD

Project Manager – Ciman Araleh

Executive Secretary – Samantha Lucchetta

Internal Executive Liaison – Laura Curran

External Executive Liaison – TBD

Outreach Coordinator – TBD

Environment Week Coordinator – Vanessa Rocha

Director of Technology – TBD

UTM Representative – TBD

UTSC Representative – Raymond Dang

Graduate Student Representative – TBD

UTERN Contact Information

MAILING ADDRESS: 33 Willcocks Street, UTERN mailbox 1016V

FIND US AT: Earth Sciences building, 5 Bancroft Ave. ROOM 1042A

EMAIL US: utern.toronto@gmail.com

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