The By-Elections are happening from September 16 – 25. Please see below for any candidacy statements submitted.

The voting period will be open on September 24-25. Visit to cast your ballot. Good Luck to all of our candidates this year!


Ruby Tang

My name is Ruby and I am an Environmental Studies student running as Treasurer of UTERN. I spent my childhood in British Columbia where I would spend time in the outdoors and feel the interconnectedness of all things, living and nonliving. My appreciation for nature and the need to conserve it motivates my studies. I am running for an executive position on UTERN because I would like to be involved with and contribute to the School of Environment. I was UTERN’s Treasurer in the past academic year; I found the role of overseeing the student levy to be both rewarding and challenging, and I hope to have the opportunity to serve again.


Ana Karen Garza

Hello! My name is Ana Garza and I am running for the position of UTERN External Executive Liaison. I am a 3rd year student at UTSG pursuing a double major in Environmental and Political Science. Last year I had the opportunity to represent UTERN as their Internal Executive Liaison. In this role I ensured that opportunities to unite environmental groups on campus were made possible. Having previous experience working with UTERN would allow me to learn the role of External Liaison quickly and ensure this position’s full potential. My current involvement with the UTSU as a Board Director would serve as an avenue to increase outreach for UTERN’s resources. With this position I would strive for an increased collaboration with off and on-campus groups in order to facilitate more diverse funding opportunities for students, all while ensuring effective communication on UTERN’s several platforms. Thank you!

Jessica Cahill

I would like to introduce myself as Jessica Cahill, a second year mature student currently pursuing a specialist degree in Forest Conservation. Since beginning my university career, I have been involved in a variety of different programs reflective of my varying interests. However, it was not until beginning my studies in Forest Conservation that my passion for the outdoors and environmental conservation matched my future career aspirations. My experience in this field serves as an excellent basis for becoming the External Executive Liaison. Being self-motivated, I am confident that I can create and establish relationships with organizations concerned with sustainability. Having grown up in the city of Toronto, I am also familiar with local businesses and organizations that would benefit from involvement with our events. I am excited to be part of a committee that reflects the values that are a staple to both my academic studies and environmentally conscious lifestyle.




Alexandra Gaspar:

My name is Alexandra Gaspar and I’m a third-year student at UofT double majoring in environmental studies and political science. Every day I strive to apply a strong sense of stewardship and concern for our current environmental status to all spheres of my life such as work, school, hobbies and interests. Within the last year I piloted a project in the store I worked at which focused on raising ethical standards in the fashion industry into a more sustainable future. Additionally, over the past summer I worked and lived in an Ontario Park which deepened my interest in ecological integrity and the importance of conservation spaces as a channel between the public and nature. As a St. George student living in Mississauga, I think UTM’s environmental initiatives and network can be further highlighted/integrated to all campuses through UTERN’s work. I believe that my background and connection to this part of UofT will allow me to be a valuable UTM Representative for the UTERN team.