The UTERN Elections for 2020-2021 are happening from March 9 to 25th. Please see below for any candidacy statements submitted.

The voting period will be open on March 24-25. Visit to cast your ballot. Good Luck to all of our candidates this year!


Ciman Araleh

Hi everyone! My name is Ciman Araleh and I’ll be running for President of UTERN in this election. I’ve been lucky enough to work with UTERN for the last two years, first as the external liaison and now as the project manager. Over the past year as project manager it has been my responsibility to oversee the application process, which is a core part of UTERN’s mandate. I believe the communication and organizational skills I have learned in this role has positioned me to take a higher leadership role in UTERN.
As President, my priority would be to make sure that UTERN builds on the success of the past year. I understand that the success of UTERN depends on the strength of the team as a whole, not one person. I view the role of President as one that works to support and uplift the executive, and I would appreciate the opportunity to do so next year.


Dorsa Nouri Parto

Hey all, I hope you are all well during this difficult time! My name is Dorsa and I am running for the Projects Manager position. I am a third-year student pursuing a specialization in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I am passionate about the environment and have previously organized a conference on climate emergency and biweekly climate change sessions with XR. I am also a student researcher in the field of microplastics. I have not previously been involved with UTERN, but I came across it in my second year when I was holding an event and needed funding. It was truly relieving to know that there is an organization just dedicated to funding student groups for environmental causes. I had much help from the project manager of UTERN that year. I love to be a project manager in the upcoming year because I, too, strive to be a source of guidance for passionate student activists and groups, and to the best of my ability, help them execute their ideas and not be restrained by its costs.




Raymond Dang

Hey folks! My name is Raymond, and I am the current UTSC Representative. I’m in my fifth year studying environmental studies and public policy at UTSC! Over this year, I’ve worked hard to establish social networks across all campuses – running and attending environmental working group meetings. I’ve also inspired and initiated the most extensive reforms to UTERN’s constitution since 2003, reflecting updated values and accountability regimes. This is in addition to working with my team to complete my current mandate. 

I’m running for Network Executive Liaison because I can expand UTERN’s reach to begin becoming a tri-campus environmental network. I genuinely want to discover creative ways to collaborate with other clubs across our constituency groups and the University. I will focus on making UTERN more transparent by providing semester-end updates, and I will be your familiar and constructive voice in UTERN’s decision-making


Denelle Carvalho

Hello! My name is Denelle and I’m running for the position of Marketing Coordinator.  I’m going into my fourth year as a Human Geography and Diaspora and Transnational Studies double major next year and hope to continue using my experience in campus groups to support the environmental community through UTERN.

As one of the co-coordinators of Dig In Campus Agriculture I’ve been deeply involved with urban agriculture and organizing community gardening projects, and working this year as UTERN’s Outreach Coordinator I’ve been able to further my involvement in the environmental community by hosting and promoting student events and fostering collaboration between groups.  Through this work I’ve gained a deeper understanding of UTERN’s role as a support system for the community, and I’m excited for the opportunity to continue supporting our thriving community next year.



Leeza Gheerawo

Hi folks! My name is Leeza Gheerawo and I am running for the UTSC Representative position. I am currently in my fourth year completing a Specialist in International Development Studies and a Minor in Critical Migration Studies.
Elected as the UTSC Representative will allow me to connect, provide support, and bring concerns to the table for the UTSC community. Also, encourage UTSC clubs and associations
to partake in UTERN’s sustainability practices and opportunities. I am excited in this role to learn more of the environmental issues happening tri-campus and be a part of the UTERN network working towards sustainable and environmentally focused goals.


Hanyi (Sophie) Tan

Hi everyone, my name is Hanyi (Sophie) Tan, and I am running for the position of Director of Technology. I am a second-year student who is majoring in Environmental Science, Evolutionary and Ecological Biology, and minoring in Environmental Studies. I am new to UTERN but I have known this organization since my first year in UTSG. I am so glad that there is an organization providing resources for environmental groups. Now, I believe that I have the ability, knowledge and responsibility to join your organization. As a life science student who loves, understands, and has experience in conservation work, I am also skilled in Photoshop, web-making, creative video-making and poster-making. I am passionate to dedicate my skills to UTERN to manage an organized and up-to-date website!


Coco Chen

Hey y’all! I’m Coco, and I’m running for UTM Representative. For the past year, I’ve been one of the execs of Zero Waste UTM, and as a result have collaborated with many clubs, especially ones focused on sustainability, in the past year. I’ve also advised classes as well as Residence Services on how they can be more sustainable. I hope that with my current network, knowledge, and experience, I will be able to expand the knowledge of UTERN within UTM, and encourage more of our clubs to engage in sustainability practices or gain a sustainability focus. I also want to make UTM environmental working groups a regular occurrence, and encourage support, collaboration, and sharing of knowledge and resources amongst campus sustainability groups. I hope to be able to foster a solid tricampus relationship, and provide a resource where all UTM environmental/sustainability club information can be easily found.