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Hello! My name is Yi Fan Yin-Cheng and I’m running for the position of UTERN President. I’m heading into my fifth year as an Environmental Studies and Equity Studies Major with a minor in Human Geography.
After my experience as the UTERN Projects Manager this year, I want to continue to increase the visibility of UTERN on campus in the next year and make the application and student engagement process more efficient and transparent. Seeing the wide range of environmental projects that groups on campus offer, I’d be excited to make sure that UTERN can continue to actively support those projects while making sure that other new initiatives can also be introduced. To effectively run UTERN, I will bring in my facilitating skills in intercultural work and my knowledge of campus environmental activities gained through my previous experience as an ENSU executive, a Multi-Faith Centre eco-spirituality intern, a Dig In intern, and an Eco-Fest coordinator. My various environmental experiences on campus have led me to realize the importance of collaboration between different groups which is a priority I’d like to implement as the UTERN President. Lastly, I’m also personally invested in ensuring that environmental projects on campus are made accessible and available to a wide range of students.
I bring my 110% to my work and I feel that combined with my experience and interest in supporting various student projects, presidency would enable me to work along with fellow executives to ensure environmental groups and initiatives on campus thrive!


Hello! My name is Vanessa Rocha and I am currently in my third year of undergrad, pursuing Environmental Science, Forestry Biomaterials and Environmental Biology. I have been part of UTERN for two consecutive years and I look forward to maintaining the green community on campus as the Environmental Week Coordinator. I spend a lot of my time pondering what “real” environmentalism is, and being critical of how that manifests itself in real-world events and decisions. This quality contributes to my being the major promoter of environmental initiatives and make real conservation happen. I strongly value integrity in environmental decision-making, and I think that UTERN is an important and valuable student-run organization for helping to implement it at UofT. I also value the growing culture of sustainability and environmental awareness on our campus, and I hope to keep developing that culture. I am very reliable and organized. If elected, I would utilize those qualities to ensure that campus environment-related groups are able to communicate with UTERN and each other in order to implement successful projects. I would be honored if you granted me that opportunity!


Hi, my name is Ciman Araleh and I’m running for the position of project manager with the UTERN exec team. I’m heading into my fourth year as a major in international relations, with minors in history and political science.
This year I was lucky enough to be UTERN’s external liaison, and I feel that my achievements is something I can build upon as project manager. One of my main objectives this year was to manage relationships with campus groups and increase student awareness about our available resources. As a result I helped plan, organize and execute a successful reusable straw campaign that increased UTERN’s visibility. I was also part of the ECOfest planning team that saw student club participation increase by 50%.
As project manager, I believe I can translate the skills I learned managing external and outreach projects into supporting the amazing environmental projects that campus groups have to offer. Watching and learning from this year’s executive team makes me confident that I have not only the communication skills to guide groups through our funding process, but also the organizational and leadership skills to manage the process in an effective manner.
Therefore I believe my experience with UTERN this year has uniquely prepared me to be project manager, and I would love the opportunity to support the process through which students can access the resources that UTERN has to offer.


My name is Samantha Lucchetta, and I’m running for the position of UTERN Executive Secretary. I’m an Environmental Studies and Anthropology student, who will be entering their fifth year of study. I believe that I’d be a great member of the UTERN team because I strongly believe that the collaborative ties between campus environmental groups should be strengthened in order to make positive changes for our university community and for our planet. I’ve been Co-Coordinator for Dig In! Campus Agriculture, St. George campus’ only urban agriculture group, and a volunteer with Regenesis’ UofT chapter. Thus, I have experience in liaising and collaborating with different environmental groups and community members. Being a part of the UTERN team would mean that I’d be able to provide support to the many wonderful initiatives here at UofT. Thank you for taking the time to read my Candidacy Statement, and I hope you consider me for the position of Executive Secretary.


I’m Laura [Curran] and I’m running for the position of Internal Executive Liaison. I am a fourth-year student, about to take a fifth year, double majoring in Environmental Science and Forest Conservation (Arts), with a minor in Environmental Studies. I believe I’d be great for this role because I’m already familiar with other environmental groups on campus. I have been the Co-President of the UofT BEES and the Sustainability Officer for ENSU. These roles have let me see how clubs interact with UTERN and give me the insight into how UTERN can improve its interactions with clubs. I have worked extensively as part of a team to plan events and complete tasks, so I am prepared to do this well with UTERN. I would love to make UTERN even better by bringing my ideas and excitement to the next UTERN exec. Thanks for considering me! 


Hi everyone! My name is Raymond [Dong], and I’m running for the position of UTSC Representative. I’m currently a 4th year student studying Public Policy and Environmental Studies at UTSC. Over the course of my undergraduate career, I have been spending my time representing students through the Council on Student Services, Scarborough Campus Students’ Union, and the Political Science Students’ Association. With me already being in these spaces regularly, I have acute knowledge of the processes and procedures at UTSC and I am excited to branch out to create space and provide resources to do more sustainability work in Scarborough. Specifically, I want to an inclusive community of environmental advocates who will be able and willing to participate in projects like creating apiaries and developing our composting efforts. There’s a lot to be done in Scarborough to improve sustainability and I can be that voice and those hands who can make it happen!