Candidacy Statements 2018-2019

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UTERN Internal Executive Liaison

Ana Garza

Hello! My name is Ana Karen Garza and I am running for the position of UTERN’s Internal Executive Liaison. I am a second-year student at UTSG pursuing a double major in Environmental Science and Political Science, alongside a minor in Environmental Studies. I believe that I am fit for this position for the reason that I am passionate about the environment and because I have been heavily involved in student governance and student life in the past. This was evident in my role as a Student Trustee for my school’s district- making the student voice heard as well as providing various event and awareness opportunities; many of which revolved around the topic of sustainability. As I am currently holding the UTERN Internal Liaison work study position, being elected for the role of Internal Executive Liaison would provide me with the opportunity to ensure this position’s full potential. I am running for this position so that I may vote on the exciting ideas and initiatives to be brought forward by the many environmental groups and clubs spanning across the three campuses. I would make sure to listen to all of your plans and do my best to make them happen through the funding opportunities UTERN provides!  Thank you

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