UTERN is the University of Toronto’s Environmental Resource Network, an umbrella organization that serves as the meeting point for everyone in the university community concerned about the health of our environment. UTERN encompasses all students at the University of Toronto including undergraduate and graduate students from all three campuses.

UTERN receives a 50-cent levy from all undergraduate and 50-cent levy from all graduate students totalling more than twenty thousand dollars, almost entirely available to fund student-run environmental projects at U of T.

Membership to UTERN is free to all students, staff, faculty, and alumni of the University of Toronto. To become a member, simply join our listserve. By subscribing to our listserve, you will stay abreast of environmental goings-on across the U of T. All information will also be available on this website.

Our Goals

* Encourage and aid environmental projects.
* Encourage and inform environmental practise and sustainability across all three university campuses.
* Improve communications and encourage partnership between all who work for the environment.

Our History

The levy began in the spring of 2003, when UTERN proposed a fifty cent levy for all undergraduate students to create an annually renewed environmental fund to support student-led environmental projects on all three U of T campuses. The levy passed in a student referendum, and took effect in the fall term of 2003, generating a total of approximately $40,000 and more every year. The levy is completely refundable for those unable, or unwilling, to pay.

In the winter of 2013, UTERN officially signed the Memo of Agreement (MOA) with the Graduate Student’s Union (GSU) at U of T. Thus, UTERN currently provides resources and services to all students at University of Toronto across all three campuses.

We welcome all funding applications from all undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Toronto.

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