Candidacy Statements 2017-2018

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Here are the candidacy statements for our 2017-2018 by-elections! Please visit this link to access the voting form:

Director of Technology

Justin Li

My name is Justin Li and I am a second year architecture student at the Daniels Faculty, aiming to pursue a specialist in architectural design and minor in urban studies. I am writing to be considered for the Director of Technology position at UTERN for the upcoming school year. I have always wanted to contribute to the school by creating a better community through utilizing my design knowledge and I believe UTERN will be a good starting point for me to achieve this goal. I am confident that my previous design experience, both on and off campus, will allow me to assist the graphic design process of the community. Being enrolled in the GGR124 Urbanization course last year also made me realize the impacts that urbanized cities are bringing to us. The class reminded me the importance of having a environmental-friendly society and I am certainly willing to convey this message to the students by constantly improving the quality of the webpage and collaborate closely with the other team members to come up with different activities.

I believe my background and prior experience will enable myself to become an effective
member for UTERN.

Environment Week Coordinator (2)

Vanessa Rocha

My name is Vanessa Rocha and I am running for the Environment Week Coordinator. I am a second year studying Forestry Biomaterials and Environmental Science. A few things about me;  I consider myself as a compassionate supporter of environment and excited to be part of UTERN to engage other students in several environmental initiatives. I will do my best to ensure that students are involved and connected to the environmental community. I’m hard working, committed, and organized. I believe this position is a great starting point. I really want to get involved in U of T’s environmental aspects to show other student’s how great a green community is.

Maria Lozano

My name is Maria Lozano, and I am a third year undergraduate student currently pursuing a double major in Environmental Science and Physics at the University of Toronto St. George campus. I am writing this letter to express my interest in the position of Environmental Week Coordinator with UTERN. My passion for the environment and for education will be a driving factor in my dedication and success in this position. Additionally, I have experience coordinating and organizing non-profit events, such as an art event that raised $15,000 for a Maternity and Learning Centre in Uganda. I have played a key role in organizing, administrating, advertising, and in the securing of sponsors for such events. I intend to apply my skills to ensure that the Environment week is successfully organized, funded and visited by students. My experience in event coordinating is an advantageous skill, which, along with my devotion to the environment, will make me an asset in coordinating the Environment week. I am dedicated in ensuring that this event is a success, and am excited to be a part of working with the UTERN team.

Executive Secretary

Cindy Liu

My name is Cindy Liu and I am running for Executive Secretary for UTERN. I am going into my fourth and final year double majoring in Environmental Studies and Health & Disease. I’m part of Victoria College at the University of Toronto St. George campus. In my free time I like to try cool DIY projects, bullet journal and play with my dog. I am always looking for new ways to get involved on campus to make U of T more environmentally friendly!

Farida Abdelmeguied

Hello everyone! My name is Farida Abdelmeguied, and I’m running for the position of Executive Secretary. I’m currently a third-year student double-majoring in Political Science and Environmental Studies with a minor in English.

I believe I have the skills to be an excellent secretary: I pay attention to detail, I’m organized, and I’m time-conscious. Because I have worked with other groups on campus, such as the Environmental Students Union (ENSU), Global Students Network, and North American Model United Nations (NAMUN), I have gained the communication skills relevant to the position of Secretary. Moreover, my position as Newsletter Editor with ENSU has exposed me to the kind of work an environmental student group does and has provided me with the necessary experience to work with UTERN. Further, because writing is an essential part of being a secretary, my experience writing for The Varsity, The Medium, Her Campus UToronto, Society19, and NAMUN has prepared me adequately. I also interned at a world-renowned renewable energy company, Masdar, where I was given editing and content writing duties.

If I am elected as Executive Secretary, I can ensure that I will perform exceptionally and represent myself well and with integrity, honesty, and conscientiousness. I would love to work with UTERN and I hope you consider me as Executive Secretary. Thank you!

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